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Does your business need a minimalist approach?

published3 months ago
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Hi, Reader,

FYI it’s a bit of a long email today because I want to share a quick story…

I've been planning to experience the digital nomad life with my two daughters for almost a year.

Conversations about moving out of the country have been going on for years with my sister, but after thinking about what was best for my daughters and me, I decided that we would live as digital nomads for six months and then return to Florida.

This last Friday was finally the day we boarded the plane to our first destination: Puerto Rico. We woke up at 5 am to catch a shuttle from the hotel, and everything from there was stressful, to say the least.

We narrowed down all of our belongings to one suitcase, one carry-on, and one personal item each (that alone was more difficult than it sounds).

Upon arriving, I learned that our airline had an entirely new terminal still somewhat under construction, so we walked probably like 2 miles to check-in. My youngest daughter was having a hard time the whole way. She was carrying her skateboard, and then I learned that she packed several textbooks and her laptop (along the way, there was a whole debate between her and her sister about why she could just have referenced the books online 🙄).

Once at check-in, I was told my suitcase was overweight (which cost $150 extra!). Instead of paying that ridiculous amount on top of what I had already paid for checked bags, I decided to find ways to even out the weight between the three suitcases. I'll spare you the details of the security line...

In short, we were carrying a lot of weight, dragging it along and everything we were doing was slow, causing other people behind us to have to wait. Getting on the airport shuttle, walking to our terminal, going through security… immediately, I'm thinking of ways we can become more efficient as a family.

We're doing this recurrently for the next six months — we'll have to learn to embrace a minimalist lifestyle and pack strategically so we can move faster, stress less, and access essential items we need quickly.

Not to mention so that I could be a more affable mom along the way. 😄 This is supposed to be fun and rewarding, after all.

So, all this got me thinking about business (but of course!). 🤦🏽‍♀️

Many times, we are dragging our businesses along. We're afraid to let things go, make necessary changes, invest in what's needed (like technology), and implement processes and systems for things to run efficiently and strategically.

How can you be a minimalist in your business to support you in moving your business forward faster?

What can you be doing differently to run your business efficiently?

What software can you leverage to support you in streamlining processes?

Here are just a few simple ways you can begin to streamline your business:

  • Know when to outsource — when you find that routine tasks are taking too much time or you can't keep up with the demand, it's probably time to outsource.
  • Leverage centralized software — from communication and accounting to email marketing and scheduling – trust me, there's an app for that. (one that I like a lot is Keap, or if you're just starting out, check out ConvertKit)
  • Assess current processes and workflows so it's easier to get an overall idea of how things are done to identify what areas could be greatly improved by streamlining.

By streamlining your business processes, and workflows and leveraging technology, you can achieve many things that require less work and free up time.

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